Comments None's goal is to teach the art of weaving, for free, to make this information available to the masses regardless of their social status without invading privacy by requiring personal information, subscriptions or logins of any kind to access it.

Hand looms are kind to the earth. They require no scarce resources, provide self-employment, rebuild communities and keep alive a heritage that humanity must be proud of. You can't put a price on that.

This project has not received any special funding. It's a project of the heart. To change the world, we have to change our incentive for doing things. I do this simply for the act of giving. It makes me feel good.

Introducing the Joy of Weaving All Purpose Loom model 45-15. 15" weaving width. Rigid heddle weaving, inkle weaving, tapestry, can all be done on this one loom.

Made of solid oak. Holds gobs of warp. Made in the USA. Features a FRICTION BRAKE on the warp beam, just like a floor loom has. No more reaching to the back of the loom to release the warp beam to advance the warp. Do that from the ease and comfort by releasing it at the front of the loom!  Just ask any floor loom weaver.  Only $229 with FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states. Includes one 8 dent rigid heddle and one 16" stick shuttle. Contact me for purchase. PayPal perferred.

Joy of Weaving All Purpose Loom #45-15