Home Made Looms

Proof that anything holding warp under tension is a loom.

Anything that holds warp under tension is a loom. Any weave structure may be woven on any loom. You don't need special "looms" to weave. You can make a simple loom out of things you have around the house. Here is a collection of wonderful ideas for you to "try before you buy" to see if weaving is something you'd like to take up or to keep children entertained on rainy days.

If you discover any broken/outdated links, please let me know.

Index Cards:


Rigid Heddle/Back Strap:

Laverne Waddington Back Strap Basics:
(take note of the household items used to make this loom )

Here's a "backstrap loom" with a rigid heddle made from Shrinky Dinks:

Simple Counter-balance Looms (Kente Cloth Weavers):

You can put string heddles on a frame and use it just like you would a rigid heddle:

How to make string heddles:

Clamps, a chair and a pencil (note: you can use cards, a rigid heddle or string heddles with a shed rod on this set up):

2 Shaft Counter Balance Loom:
See my "How to Make String Heddles" article

Toothpick Loom for making tubes (pouches):

Weave It Loom:

Knitting Board (you could also use cotter pins):

Tiny Box Loom (imagine it on a larger scale!):

Chording Loom:

Pocket Looms:

Index Card Looms:

Rigid Heddle from Zip Ties and Hole Punch:

Shrinky Dink Loom (similar to Index Card Loom just a bit more sturdy):

Picture Frame / Frame Loom (for Beading): (with rigid heddle)

Picture Frame Loom (for Tapestry/Fabric): (uses Push Pins)

Cardboard Lap Loom:

Tape Loom Made from Cardboard Box: 

Bow Maker: 

Weaving Straws (Sticks):

3D Printed Rigid Heddle Loom

 LOOM PLANS (for the carpenters in your life)

Magic Heddle Loom:

Various Looms:

2 Shaft Table Top Loom:

Four Shaft Counter Balance Loom:
Note: File is in BETA. There are errors and omissions (easy to figure out). Please review instructions completely before forging ahead.

DIY Laser Cut Rigid Heddle Loom


The cardboard rigid heddle room link is unavailable

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