How to Double Weave

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This tutorial is how to double weave to double your sett or weave a tube, create double wide cloth or weave two pieces of cloth at the same time. If your loom doesn't have a "double heddle kit" you can still do this, so don't worry.  The most simple way is double weave with 2 rigid heddles and one pick up stick, so we will start with that first.

If you don't have a pick up stick you can make one out of sturdy cardboard or a wooden paint stir stick.


Paint Stir Stick

Let's get started! You will be working with 3 groups of warp threads. Here's the diagram:

Double Weave Diagram


Here's the pictorial with voice over, explaining the diagram step-by-step:

The following video demonstrates how to double weave using 2 rigid heddles and 2 pick up sticks. This will give you a denser cloth.

 To weave double wide cloth, simply swap the middle sequence: B, #2D, #1U, A

Double wide cloth sequence.

To weave 2 seperate layers at the same time: A, #1U, B, #2D. You will need 2 shuttles and weave each layer separately. If you weave #2U, it will join both layers.


If all you want to do is double your sett for both warp and weft, the above instructions will result in a BASKET WEAVE weave structure (2/2 interlacement).  If you want to double your sett with a truly plain weave structure (1/1 interlacement) then use the following diagram:

Plain weave 1/1 interlacement with 2 rigid heddles

Here are some double weave projects to get you started.

Ashford: Double Weave Project:
Wall hanger for stick shuttles (pdf)
Original Link Broken? Contact Ashford, ask them to repost.
Try this link: 

Ashford: Double Weave Project:
Summer & Winter (pdf)

Summer & Winter Explained

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  1. Ramona

    This would be a great way to weave a bag for my yoga mat! Thanks!

  2. Amanda

    Just a quick question. After doing multiple shawls using your wonderful instructions, I’m going to try doing the Ashford double weave project. I’m curious as to why, when doing the shawls, I need an odd number of warp ends, but in the Ashford project details they don’t say to do this. Why? Is it that tubes and double wide need this, but the 2 separate layers don’t? Or did I miss something else?

    Thanks again for all your help!! Amanda

  3. Joyce (Author)

    Thanks, Amanda!

    The reason is that with double wide or tubes, if you use an even number, you will end up with 2 warp threads, in the same shed, at the fold.

    Hope that helps,

  4. Anette Paulitz

    Im from Germany. My big problem is I do not realy anderstanding all the english instruktions. I did following the vidios stepp by stepp. But I always have the same problems: once I do have a lot problems when I warping, because as long I use just on color, I have allways mistakes. And than I allways miss the fourth way to lay the weft in.

    My Dream is to weave a double wide pattern so I need just two peaces to weave for a big cover.

    Do you have help for me in german???
    Eaven ashford I asked for help per Mail, but no answer.
    I looked for a german instruktion but no result.

    Please help me.
    Thanks for an answer,
    Anette Paulitz

  5. Joyce

    No, sorry, I do not speak German and I don’t know anyone who does who can translate it for you.


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