How to Double Weave

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This tutorial is how to double weave to double your sett or weave a tube, create double wide cloth or weave two pieces of cloth at the same time. If your loom doesn't have a "double heddle kit" you can still do this, so don't worry.  The most simple way is double weave with 2 rigid heddles and one pick up stick, so we will start with that first.

If you don't have a pick up stick you can make one out of sturdy cardboard or a wooden paint stir stick.


Paint Stir Stick

Let's get started! You will be working with 3 groups of warp threads. Here's the diagram:

Double Weave Diagram


Here's the pictorial with voice over, explaining the diagram step-by-step:

The following video demonstrates how to double weave using 2 rigid heddles and 2 pick up sticks. This will give you a denser cloth.

 To weave double wide cloth, simply swap the middle sequence: B, #2D, #1U, A

Double wide cloth sequence.

To weave 2 seperate layers at the same time: A, #1U, B, #2D. You will need 2 shuttles and weave each layer separately. If you weave #2U, it will join both layers.

Here are some double weave projects to get you started.

Ashford: Double Weave Project:
Wall hanger for stick shuttles (pdf)

Ashford: Double Weave Project:
Summer & Winter (pdf)

Summer & Winter Explained

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