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How to Sley a Rigid Heddle Reed from a Warp Chain

Monday April 18, 2011

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Mark the front of your reed with dots that correspond to the location of the strings on your beam stick.

1) Put your fingers through the loop at the cross.

2) Put your thumb in the space created behind the cross. Give a slight tug to even it out.

3) Remove the loose tie at the cross and the one just behind it. Leave the tight choke in place.

You can now work while holding the warp chain. Just use the crook of your thumb to hang on to it.

Remove the beam stick from the strings.

Remove the top thread at the cross between your thumb and fingers from your hand. Make a loop with this thread and hold it between your fingers. Grab the loop with your hook and pull it through the starting slot on your reed. Put the loop on the beam stick. Continue across your reed until you come to a dot on the reed. When you come to a dot, stop putting warp loops on the stick. While holding on to your warp chain, place the string that's on on your warp beam onto the beam stick and then continue warping.

You are now ready to begin the beaming process. Grab the warp at the TIGHT choke next to the reed and give a slight tug to even out the threads on the beam stick. Once they're all even, remove all the remaining ties except for the very last tight one. Tie the end of your warp into a single overhand knot. This keeps the ends from becoming grossly uneven.

If you run into what appears to be tangles, simply keep tension on the warp and strum it like a guitar and/or flick the strings. It is not tangled  in the conventional sense so,  resist the urge to comb it.  As you wind  onto the beam you'll find that everything will straighten itself out.


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tich says:

I have been watching YouTube videos, as I am getting a Kromski next week. Your video answered so many questions that the others skipped. Thank you so much!

Posted: Sunday July 29, 2012

Joyce says:

You are so much welcome! I would like to invite you to our Facebook group as well. There’s a lot of fiber arts communities but since a lot of people are on Facebook anyway visiting with friends and family, it’s also a great opportunity to make new weaving buddies while you’re there.

Best of luck with your loom. I hope you join us and post pictures of your progress! :)

Posted: Sunday July 29, 2012

May Olson says:

I really appreciate all your teaching videos and I have you friended on my Facebook timeline thanks!You do make things very clear with your methods and as a newbie it is a saving grace for me!

Posted: Wednesday June 12, 2013

Joyce says:

Thank you May! :D

Posted: Wednesday June 12, 2013

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