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How to Warp a Rigid Heddle Loom

Wednesday February 8, 2012

Syne Mitchell is my most favorite weaver on the planet.  I have other warping videos/articles available so please check them out too.

Here is another great video by The Ashford Company


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lorrwill says:

From a complete noob, thanks for this very clear and not at all scary video.

The first video I watched elsewhere made dressing the loom sound like something very complicated that had to be done by 2 people.

In contrast, Syne makes it look totally doable on your own!

Posted: Wednesday February 8, 2012

Joyce says:

Isn’t she awesome?! Please be sure to check out the other warping videos I have…You’ll find Syne there as well (warping a loom back to front).

Posted: Wednesday February 8, 2012

fatacicci says:

great video! thanks for sharing

Posted: Tuesday February 14, 2012

May Olson says:

I absolutely love her teaching methods.I like the way she knots the ends and then runs a string between the threads on the knot.That makes so much more sense to me!I learned another way but am more comfortable with her method.Thank you for posting this tutorial,May

Posted: Saturday June 8, 2013

Cherie Randall says:

I tried to view the video but it stops at 24 seconds. :(

Posted: Wednesday October 2, 2013

Joyce says:

You didn’t say which video was giving you trouble. You might have to contact either blip or youtube for support. Could be either your internet connection or the server that the video resides on. Sorry, wish I could be more help.

Posted: Wednesday October 2, 2013

Cheryl says:

I am somewhat new at weaving & today, while warping my 20” Ashford Knitters Loom, I encountered a problem. I am warping for a hand manipulated pattern where I warp 3 (worsted weight) & every 4th in a DK or sock weight yarn. When I began to roll the warp on, the thinner yarn would not retain tension with the heavier weight yarn. It kept drooping down below the worsted weight yarn. Finally, I separated out the light weight yarns & held on to them with one hand while rolling the rest of the warp on. I haven’t begun to weave this yet but wondering if I might have handled this in a better way.

Posted: Friday October 4, 2013

Joyce says:

Were you using a warp separator?

Posted: Friday October 4, 2013

Jean Skinner says:

You replied to one of my e-mails regrding your celtic knot pattern. You mentioned I should be doing a warp faced pattern because I am having trouble with the pattern. I took the pattern from page 15 of the Sami band weaving book, it doesnt mention anything about a warp faced weave, can you explain what I am doing wrong if I followed the warp and used the weft suggested? I am getting a weft faced weave I think, therefore not getting a pattern. I am really getting frustrated with this, as I have tried it so often, if you can straighten this out for me I would appreciate it. Thanks

Posted: Sunday October 20, 2013

Joyce says:

I replied in email but wanted to suggest here also, if any one is having problems, please send me photographs from several different angles so that I may attempt to diagnose any issues. Also include the page from any drafts or pattern books that you are working from so I can determine where things might be going wrong.

P.S. Jean is talking about the article posted [HERE]

Posted: Sunday October 20, 2013

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