Reusable Shopping Tote

This is how I make reusable shopping totes from upcycled materials. You can use either plarn (plastic yarn made from shopping bags), tarn (yarn made with stips of t-shirt material [jersey knit]) or rags (fabric cut into strips) in your cloth to make this tote.  When woven properly they are very durable, even without a lining.   We've had ours for quite a few years.

I made my totes out of cloth measuring about 18" x 36". You can make yours any size you want.

If you need to know how to make "plarn" and/or "tarn", visit the tutorial here.


Thanks for demonstrating this technique of sewing handwoven bags together. I have always macrame'd my handles but I did buy some webbing to use as handles and plan to use your technique of sewing them on.

For sewing sides of the bag together I use a french seam:
With right sides showing so the handles are to the outside (just as you would using the bag)
Sew the first seam 1/4" into the loose edge of the hem.
This tucks everything in neatly and prevents fraying threads.

Then you turn the bag so the rights sides are together and
sew your seam where the hem abuts the bag as you demonstrate in your video.

I also machine sew or tack the hem down so that it is anchored.
Again, thanks for sharing your video.

Published on December 21th, 2018 - 08:52 AM, from Wahnapitae Ontario Canada
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