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Various DIY Home Made Looms

Saturday October 29, 2011

This section is going to hold a host of DIY looms made from stuff you probably already have around your house.

  • Clamps, a chair and a pencil (note: you can use cards, a rigid heddle or string heddles with a shed rod on this set up):

  • Cardboard Rigid Heddle Loom:

  • 2 Shaft Counter Balance Loom:
See my "How to Make String Heddles" article

  • Toothpick Loom for making tubes (pouches):

  • Weave It Loom:

  • Knitting Board (you could also use cotter pins):

  • Tiny Box Loom (imagine it on a larger scale!):

  • Chording Loom:

  • Pocket Looms:

  • Index Card Looms:

  • Shrinky Dink Loom (similar to Index Card Loom just a bit more sturdy):

  • Picture Frame / Frame Loom (for Beading): (with rigid heddle)

  • Picture Frame Loom (for Tapestry/Fabric): (uses Push Pins)

  • Cardboard Lap Loom:

  • Tape Loom Made from Cardboard Box: 

  • Bow Maker: 

  • Weaving Straws (Sticks):



LOOM PLANS (for the carpenters in your life)

  • Magic Heddle Loom:

  • Various Looms:

  • 2 Harness Table Top Loom:

  • Four Harness Counter Balance Loom:

Note: File is in BETA. There are errors and omissions (easy to figure out). Please review instructions completely before forging ahead.

  • Simple Wooden Rigid Heddle Loom:

Not exactly plans but if you're clever and handy with wood, you can probably figure this one out. Great pictures showing lots of detail.


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Barbara R. says:

An Elizabethan reproduction of a rigid heddle tape loom. It is portable and makes fine bands or tapes similar to an inkle loom.

Posted: Saturday June 30, 2012

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