A New Weaver!

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I had the good fortune to spend time with Rob, the son of my greatest benefactor and friend (who is more like family) on Labor Day. He wanted to learn to weave, so I jumped all over that. I started by explaining all the different parts of a loom, choosing yarn (he chose green and purple--I love this kid!), then planning the project.

He made the warp on a warping board and sleyed the reed. Then we beamed it together. Next lesson will be showing him how to beam it by himself.

Young Student Learning Indirect Warping

Mastering Indirect Warping


Young Student

Sleying the Reed


Sleying the Reed

This takes a lot of concentration and patience!


Outdoor Weaving

Outdoor Weaving. It was a beautiful day and he's allergic to our cat so this worked out perfectly.


Voila! We have a natural!

Could this be the birth of a master weaver? Only time will tell.


The consensus is that HE LIKES IT!  You can tell by his work. You can see how much is has improved already. We didn't get to finish it before mom had to come and get him. School started the next day so he's leaving it here for next weekend to continue working on it. He didn't want to get disatracted from doing homework with this staring him in the face.

I wish I had known about weaving at his age. Combined with my love of sewing, who knows where I would be in the world of textiles, today. I want to teach him the inkle loom after this is finished and then, eventually, I'd like to get him weaving on a 4 shaft.

We had a lot of fun and I can't wait to see him again next weekend!




  1. Katie Henshaw

    and he is a whovian. way to train them young. lol It is so great that he likes to weave now and top marks for him realizing it would temp him away from his homework. smart kid. can’t wait to see more of his adventures. :)

  2. Barbara Rickman

    I am also working with a new weaver…a 66 year old man. Men and boys need crafts and creative outlets as much as we do. I turned him on to Saori weaving also. He has my 32 inch Kromski Harp for the winter as he had moved beyond his smaller Harp and wants to do larger projects that do not have to be sewn together.

    My floor loom is still in transition. I needs the other 4 shafts that will make it a complete 8 shaft loom. I want to concentrate much more on weaving in 2015 as I am no longer in the workplace.


  3. Joyce (Author)

    Nice to see more people getting involved in the craft! \o/

    My 8 shaft is still in “transition” too. Husband has been working on making me one since May and it still is only just the castle part. He doesn’t realize how much torture it is for me. :(


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