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I asked my husband to make me a loom and this is what we came up with. I call it "The Lotus" since the heddle blocks look like the flower.

It features a larger weaving area than a Cricket. Has a built-in beam stick holder on the heddle block and heddle holder in the weaving area, making this very comfortable to warp (no reaching). I can indirect warp with this loom in my lap!

It has a shed block that's ready to accept 2 heddles for double weave along with enough room behind it for pick up sticks.

The beams turn in the same direction as a floor loom so it's a lot easier to get warp separators on the warp beam.

There's turning pegs on each side of the beams so you can turn a beam with one hand and work the pawls on the other side with the other hand. When it comes time to advance the warp, you're not using both hands on the same side of the loom.

The heddle is a modified 10" heddle. I added some trim wood to the bottom to be able to use it on the shed blocks.

This loom also works perfectly well without any shed blocks at all since it's not very wide. If you want a simple loom like this, maybe my husband can make you one too. Just let me know by contacting me.

The Lotus Rigid Heddle Loom


  1. Barbara Rickman

    Hi Joyce.

    How much would one of your husband’s looms cost to purchase? How much does one weight?


  2. Joyce (Author)

    I no longer have this loom so can’t tell you the weight (I sold it on craigslist 2 months ago). It’s small and hardly weighed anything at all. I had him remove the shed blocks as I found they were not really necessary.

    I’m waiting for my husband to make me another one that is 15” wide. I find that most of my smaller projects I do with a rigid heddle end up being between 10” and 12” so a 15” loom is more what I need. Anything wider is done on my multi-shaft floor looms.

    If he makes you one, it will also not have the shed blocks on it. I don’t know if the shed blocks is an important thing for you to have. I find they are not really all that necessary which is why I’m going to have him make me one without them. If you are still interested, drop me an email through the Contact Me link. Thanks for asking!


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