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The Dodec Spinning Wheel

Saturday September 8, 2012

I want to thank everyone for using my Amazon Affiliate store which is making this possible.

I learned about something so epic that I must share. I have been wanting a spinning wheel since...well...forever.  I am finally going to get one.  Here she is:

The Dodec Quill Spinning Wheel

Thanks to PattyAnne who sent me the info in an email.

What's so epic? It's free plans for a treadle wheel with materials found at any hardware store costing about $15.00 with easy carpentry. It's called The Dodec and was invented by

We tried to build our own direct drive wheel (similar to The Roadbug) earlier this Spring but it never worked out. I'm so happy to have learned about the plans for a wheel that doesn't involve all kinds of fancy wood working tools or skills to be able to build it.  It's straight forward and requires some nuts, bolts, washers and one 1" x 4" x 10' board.  That's right up my alley.

Here's the group for the wheel on Ravelry:

Here's his videos on YouTube

There's a downloadable .pdf for the plans at Interweave but it's a total fail as it does not include the sizes for the materials (as of this writing)!

We found out the sizes were missing after we were at the hardware store!  Frown

TIP: Get the .pdf from Interweave and then go to the Ravelry group and get the sizes there, and add them to the .pdf document.

We made our best guess for the parts and the only thing we got wrong was the two 3 1/2" x 1/4" bolts that are first on the list. Everything else we got right.
Anyway...the clerks were great, helping us get all the nuts, bolts and washers that we'd need.  Total cost for lumber and parts was $14.77. Since we also had to buy the drill bits, it came to just over $23.00 (including tax). Not too shabby!  We won't be using the shaker peg but rather stuff we have on hand like dowels and a large wooden bead to make the footman.

I'll be posting pictures of the progress as I am extremely excited by finally owning a treadle wheel.


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5 comments so far… Add yours! :D

Joyce says:

UPDATE: I have been told that the sizes are on the .pdf and for some reason, no matter what pdf reader I use, the sizes are missing. Maybe I don’t have the font they are using?

Anyway…to make things easier, use 2- 4” bolts for the receiver and 1- 3 1/2” bolt for the axle. Then substitute 2 nuts with 2 wing nuts to make taking the receiver off and putting it back on easier.

To make the spindle pulley, glue 2 wood toy wheels together back to back. It’s easier than cutting the blocks and sanding off the edges.

Posted: Thursday September 13, 2012

Joyce says:

Make bobbins for the spindle with a drinking straw, a yarn stopper and a document clip and you won’t have to remove the receiver or make extra spindles! See my other DIY wheel posts for pictures.

Posted: Thursday September 20, 2012

Patricia A says:

I’ve been looking for the pdf plans you mention on Interweave….No luck… Any chance you could provide a link? Many thanks…. Looking forward to building one of these too!

Posted: Monday January 13, 2014

Kristin says:

Patricia, if you click on the link listed above (I’m copy/pasting it here):

it should download a copy to your computer.

Posted: Monday January 13, 2014

Joyce says:

Thanks Kristin!

Posted: Monday January 13, 2014

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