Hand looms are kind to the earth. They require no scarce resources, provide self-employment, rebuild communities and keep alive a heritage that humanity must be proud of.

rigidheddleweaving.com's goal is to freely teach the skill of weaving with emphasis on weaving with the rigid heddle and to make this information available to everyone regardless of their social status.

Rigid Heddle Weaving web page has gone through many transistions over the years. Articles and blog posts have been consolidated and updated along with a new web design.

I have not been blogging a lot on this page in recent times because I can mostly be found blogging at my sister site: Joy Of Weaving.

Looking for a good starter loom? I recommend the Schacht Cricket. Comes in 10" and 15" weaving widths.

15" Schacht Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom on Amazon
(As an Amazon Associate, I will earn if you make a qualifying puchase from this link. This goes to supporting this project  and the free weaving information that I provide at no extra cost to you.)

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