rigidheddleweaving.com's goal is to teach the art of weaving, for free, to make this information available to the masses regardless of their social status ´╗┐without invading privacy by requiring personal information, subscriptions or log ins of any kind to access it.

rigidheddleweaving.com has been in operation since 2009, before there was a lot of information on the internet in regards to weaving, particularly about weaving with a rigid heddle. That's why I started this page.  If I was looking for informatin and not finding it, then surely other people where too, so I decided to do something about it. Since then there has been an explosion of other weavers getting on line, blogging and sharing their experiences.

This project has not received any special funding. It's a project of the heart. To change the world, we have to change our incentive for doing things. I do this simply for the act of giving. It makes me feel good. However, it takes money to keep projects like this going.  By supporting my sponsors, you help keep this page running and the information absolutely free to you.

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