Celtic Knot Warp Faced Band

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This method works for ANY loom, not just inkle!

According to Mary Atwater's booklet on Inkle Weaving (found here) this is the "European Method" of warping. It's also called "Baltic Threding". There are 2 background threads alternating and a pattern thread (doubled--but treated as one thread) between the background threads, in the threading order. 

For inkle loom, O=OPEN position (up shed) and H=HEDDLED position (down shed).

For Rigid Heddle, O=HOLE and H=SLOT.  

For other looms, O=Shed 1 and H=Shed 2.

When using a rigid heddle frame, just use the shed blocks on your frame as usual.

If the rigid heddle is small and hanging in neutral (as with backstrap or inkle loom), use a shed stick to keep the sheds open. If weaving this with inkle, again, use a shed stick to keep the sheds open.

When warped correctly (7 of the pattern threads will be in the up position), the pick up patterning begins on the UP SHED.

Celtic Knot Warp Faced Pick Up Chart

Here's my video tutorial showing you how to weave this with a rigid heddle.


  1. Cher

    The clearest video so far out there showing exactly how to master pick up thanks Joyce

  2. Shaimaa fawzy

    Thanks a lot

  3. Tina

    Thanks so much! I received a rigid heddle loom for my birthday in June. I quickly became fascinated with the whole process!, in particular,weaving inkle bands. Even after buying several books on weaving inkle bands, I still experienced some confusion on how to warp the loom, and read the charts. Your web site has been a tremendous help. Thanks again.


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