Warp Separator

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The topic most talked/asked about on Facebook is, by far, about warp separators.

Basically, you want to use something stiff that won't also become compacted by the tension of subsequent warp threads above it.

The reason you want a warp separator is to keep the threads from slipping between each other. When that happens, the warp doesn't go around the warp beam at the same diameter and that leaves you with tension issues that will make weaving a nightmare.  Warp separator prevents that.

Laura Fry has an excellent post about her experiences, over the years, regarding this topic. Ever since I learned about this, I have been using match stick blinds and they are, in my opinion, the best ever things to use.  I realize that not everyone may like them and we all have our favorites, but I've tried all manner of materials and the match stick blinds win, hands down.  

If you're the handy type, lath comes in bundles of 50 at the hardware store. You can cut them down and sand them and they make wonderful warping sticks.

Now, on to Laura's post. Enjoy!



  1. Amanda

    Hello! May I add “window screen trim” to the list of thin yet sturdy seperators? I found it at Home Depot. It comes as a long piece, roughly 16 ft by 1/4 in. I just had them cut it to 2 ft sections. Pretty cheap, just a bit of sanding.


  2. Kimberly

    I have been using 1/4 inch dowel rod from home depot cut into 20 inch lengths.

  3. Sara Coppedge

    I have been using scrapbook paper. It is heavy enough and is already the right size for my 15” Cricket. Each paper I use has a different design on the reverse side, so when I am weaving, I more or less know where I am in the process by what design is on the paper!


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