Beaming Alone: The Simple Tension Device

When it comes to warp threads on a loom, a consistent tension is much more important than a tight tension!

Simple Tension Device for Weaving

How It Works

The Simple Tension Device uses dowels to create drag on the warp threads to give tension to the warp as it's being wound onto the warp beam. The more dowels, the more tension.

How to Set it Up

Run 2 sticks from the front to the back on each side of the loom and secure with hair ties or similar. Sticks can be made out of anything, it doesn't matter. It can even be just rope if that's all you have.

Run 2 1" dowels, parallel with the warp beam, near the back of the loom and secure with hair ties.

Lay the warp over the 2 dowels and attach to warp beam in your usual manner.

Place 2 more dowels on top of the warp. One dowel goes between the first 2 and the second dowel goes towards the back (consult the following photo). Secure with hair ties. The idea here is to have the dowels going under/over the warp. This is what creates the drag.

Beam your warp without any intervention other than going to the front to manage any snarls.

Naturally, remove after beaming. If you leave it in, you will not be able to make a decent shed. This is basic geometry.

Simple Tension Device for Weaving

No more weights, no more crank and yank.  Try it! You will not be disappointed.  I have been using this system on my floor looms for ages and tried it on my frame loom with the same pleasureable results.