Double Weave Granny Shrug

To make this garment you must first know how to double weave. If you don't know how to do this, please visit my How to Double Weave article here for instructions.

Double Weave Granny Shrug

Basically, a Granny Shrug (also known as a Bolero) is a tube with a slit in it.   Before you weave it, create a mock up using scrap fabric by pinning it together.

How It's Made

  • Double weaving a tube for a known length (generally wrist to elbow)
  • Switch the middle sequence to weave the double width of the cloth (which will produce the slit) for a known length (generally from elbow to elbow)
  • Switch the middle sequence back to tube weaving again for a known length (same as first tube)

The beauty of this project is that there is absolutely no sewing involved unless you wanted to add some embelishments, or roll hem the sleeves with a sewing machine (however I would opt for some kind of hand finish: hand hemmed, fringe, twisted fringe, pompoms, charms, beads,etc.).

Remember to do a little planning ahead of time to account for draw in. I recommend PIXELOOM software and use the project planner to figure out exactly what you need to weave this project.

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